Elucidating isoniazid resistance using molecular


Regarding INH, all 11 phenotypically susceptible strains were detected as such by pyrosequencing.Nonetheless, in 18 out of 78 phenotypically INH-resistant strains, pyrosequencing did not detect any mutations in the studied regions.These 11 failures corresponded to 5 different specimens.One sample had no results for any of 5 regions analyzed, 2 specimens failed in 2 of the regions (one in 526, respectively).All clinical strains were genotypically characterized with the Geno Type assay.In addition, for 67 of 79 INH- and/or RIF-resistant strains, genotypic characterization by sequencing was also available.

Ninety clinical strains were analyzed by pyrosequencing.These data were not taken into account when calculating sensitivity and specificity values.



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