Nikki hilton dating


“It was incredibly romantic and beautiful.” The bride-to-be and her beau will now enjoy a road trip through Europe before returning home to the US to celebrate her happy news with friends and family, including sister Paris.Hilton has been chronicling her holiday adventures on social media.The heiress, 34, and British banker Rothschild are already parents to Lily-Grace Victoria, who was born in July 2016.RELATED: Paris Hilton Praises Sister Nicky as the “Most Beautiful Pregnant Woman I’ve Ever Seen”: “I Hope It’s a Boy” They may be excited Lily-Grace is a big sister, but the second-time parents didn’t know their newborn’s sex until she was born — Hilton told PEOPLE in November that they were keeping it a surprise and had decorated the nursery “all neutral.” Paris even covered her bases at Hilton’s tea party-themed baby shower on Nov.


Nicky and James say they're waiting for the birth to find out if they're having a girl or boy.

She says her daughter Lily-Grace, 16 months, is too young to understand that she's about to be a big sister, but she's ready for it.


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