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Some of the cool features of this account were the ability to IM people who had their IMs off, the ability to scroll in the chat room like a madman without being booted off, and also gaining access to some restricted keywords. You could IM TOSadvisor with it, and even have a conversation with him.

This was a great account for punting people (since you could IM people who had their IMs off). He's a nice guy (or guys since it seemed TOSadvistor was on 24/7), unless of course he came into a chat room because you're stirring up trouble (More on this later).



Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

Guide accounts can do everything that regular OH accounts do plus offer the ability to do an OSW (Great way to smoke accounts) and the timed gag.

The timed gag is a neat little chat command that allows you to prevent someone from chatting.

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Internal accounts could also access CRIS (now Merlin) which is a member database containing details of every AOL account made.


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